Dear Artists,

In 2011 I chose to follow this path of Talent Scouter and then Casting Director out from a great admiration of the creation process (in performing arts and films) and a personal belief that I am merely a point of access (sometimes a creative one) for you to create characters.

Since 2014, after working with Adina Pintilie, I became a great admirer of Susan Batson generosity, will and commitment towards the truth of acting process and I began to follow every year her workshop in Berlin, workshop organised by Interkunst Berlin. I didn't follow the workshop to become an actor, but just to be able to understand better the stakes of your work.

I also hope this platform will be an open door to get to know new talents and their artistic work, so you can send me your portofolio at 

Portofolio check list:

- recent professional photos;

- professional CV

- showreel or an audition

I hope to meet you soon for a film or performing arts project!

Note: If you send me your portofolio, I understand the fact is intended only for the addressee named above. The contents will not be disclosed to any other persons excerpt directors and/or producers nor copies taken. Florentina Bratfanof Casting Director is GDPR compliant.