2023 meant the end of casting processes for Romanian feature films:
- Blindsight written and directed by Adrian Sitaru, produced by Tangaj Production and Domestic Film
- Blue Banks/ Malul Vânăt written and directed by Andreea Borțun, produced by Atelier de film
- Ink Wash written by Sarra Tsorakidis and Ilinca Hărnuț and directed by Sarra Tsorakidis, produced by Mandragora
- The Great Adventure/ Marea Aventură written and directed by Cecilia Ștefănescu, produced by Libra Film Productions

Also, the contribution to several creative documentaries gives the casting director so much inspiration and joy, working with different filmmakers: The Art of Stealing, directed by Jorien Van Nes and Things We Said Today directed by Andrei Ujică, both produced by Tangaj Production and One of Us directed by Rachel Close, produced by Manifest Film.

Besides ongoing projects, Florentina Bratfanof was invited to lead workshops and discussions meeting students and young professionals in theatre and film industry, at Sibiu Youth Festival, event produced by Gong Theatre, ID Sîrbu Dramatic Theatre, Petroșani and Center for pedagogy and image study „Sorin Botoșeneanu”, UNATC, Bucharest.

Between casting processes and workshops the main need of casting director will be to give away and inspire professionals in theatre and film industry to partner with a casting director for the benefit of their creative projects. Therefore, Florentina Bratfanof interviewed four succesful Romanian Casting Directors to shed more light about their role. The interview was published by Scena.ro - Magazine for Performing Arts, in Romanian language.

February - During General Assembly of ICDN Florentina Bratfanof was elected to be one of the advisory board members.

April -June - jury member for nominating Semiramis Best Casting Award, Florentina Bratfanof being one of the ICDN members that watched 19 films produced around the world.

8th of May - leader of the Casting Workshop for Babes Bolyai University Cluj, designed specially for the 3rd year students, acting studies.

17-26 June - 10 for film Coordinator of the 11th Edition - an industry programme during Transilvania International Film Festival, Cluj, during which Florentina Bratfanof was responsible with programme curation and organisation of the event, including workshops, meetings, talks with industry professionals, online Meet and Greet with ICDN Members etc.

22-24 th of June -  leader of Self Tape Workshop for professional actors, together with the actress, director and acting coach, Bettina Lohmeyer (DE), during TRansilvania International Film Festival

In 2022, Florentina Bratfanof completed the casting process of:
HORIAwritten and directed by Ana Maria Comanescu: https://www.cineuropa.org/en/newsdetail/427193/ 

on going casting processes for:
BLINDSIGHT written and directed by Adrian Sitaru, produced by Tangaj Production (Anamaria Antoci)
A CASE OF PRACTICE/ UN CAZ DE PRACTICA written and directed by Radu Jude, produced by Domestic Film and MIcroFilm
BLUE BANKS/ MALUL VANAT written and directed by Andreea Bortun, produced by Atelier de Film (Gabriela Suciu), Films de Force Majeure, Perfo

15 -24 October, Bucharest - jury member for the 11th edition of Bucharest Fringe - The Independent Theatre Marathon
4-6 October, Iasi - leader of Self Tape Workshop for professional actors, in Iasi, together with the actress, director and acting coach, Bettina Lohmeyer (DE), during Iasi International Theatre Festival for Young Audience
27-29 august, Focsani - trainer for teens on How to make a video presentation of yourself that could impress the viewers @ Boovie Festival

In 2020, Florentina Bratfanof completed the casting process of three Romanian films:
- To The North/ Spre Nord written and directed by Mihai Mincan, produced by deFILM, currenty in postproduction: https://cineuropa.org/en/newsdetail/398698 
- Men of Deeds / Oameni de treabă directed by Paul Negoescu, produced by Tangaj Production, currenty in postproduction: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt14820500/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
- Victus/ Tigrul written and directed by Andrei Tanase, produced by Domestic Film, currenty in postproduction: https://cineuropa.org/en/newsdetail/405010/ 

Florentina Bratfanof, together with Bettina Lohmeyer (acting coach, actor and director), set up to deliver Self Tape Workshop (online via zoom from 30th of September til 2nd of October) for Romanian Actors. 

- Florentina Bratfanof entered the professional association - International Casting Directors Network

Both proud and joyfull that some projects I worked for in the last two years got further recognition of the film industry and have the chance to be experienced by a bigger audience:
TOUCH ME NOT written and directed by Adina Pintilie, produced by Manekino Film, got Gopo Debut Award
- 2 feature films (Dan Chișu’s 5 minute / 5 Minutes Too Late, produced by Domestic Film and Tudor Cristian Jurgiu’s Și poate mai trăiesc și azi / And They May Still Be Alive Today, produced by Libra Film Productions)  and 3 short films (Basmofilia / Fairy Fever (dir. Tudor Cristian Jugiu, produced by deFilm); Corigent (dir. George ve Ganaeaard); Idila (dir. Mihai Mincan, produced by deFilm);) were selected at Trasilvania International Film Festival:
- OTTO THE BARBARIAN written and directed by Ruxandra Ghitescu, produced by Alien Film entered in the international competition of Sarajevo Film Festival
- ALONG CAME A PRINCE, directed by Cristina Grosan, produced by Tangaj Production was selected at Anonimul IFF
- EST - DITTATURA LAST MINUTE, written and directed by Antonio Pisu, produced by Genoma Films was selected in Giornate degli Autori at Venice Film Festival

2019: 3 shortfilms I have worked on were selected at Anonimul IFF: Anonimul Line Up:
  • WASHINGTON, directed by Gabriel Achim
  • THE AFGHANISTANS | AFGANISTANII, directed by Adrian Silişteanu
2018: Florentina Bratfanof (Casting Director for the film Touch Me Not) was one of the 14 nominated Casting Directors for International Casting Director Award, organized by European Casting Directors Network (ICDN).

!!!! 'Touch Me Not' written and directed by Adina Pintilie won The Golden Bear and GWFF Best First Feature Award at Berlinale 2018.